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Form study III

Created in our Cudgen studio as a joint project between Australian artist Rikki Day and Australian photographer Tess Leopold. These works explore the technique of lino printing, where we first carved the artwork into a piece of artists lino or a carving block. An ink or in our case acrylic paint is lathered upon the block and it is pressed onto a cotton paper to make the mark of the carved work. We feel a deep connection to this process as we believe it's beauty comes from the visual play between dark space and light space. With one unable to exist with out the other a lot like a metaphor for life.  

We wanted to offer a print series that had a human touch. We feel a lino print is a beautiful way to have a unique piece of art in the home as each piece is an original in the sense that it is painted up and pressed by hand leaving space for variation between each and every print.

Details: Acrylic ink pressed onto thick textured cotton Khadi paper hand framed float framed in a walnut toned Tasmanian oak.Ready to hang. Ready to ship.

Dimensions: 47cm H x 48cmW