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Creating sanctuary at home. 4 simple ways.

In a fast world that's ever changing we've found it soothing to create sanctuaries within the home. Yes, even with little people running around. We're not unrealistic here and we understand that life gets fast and often turbulent plus we truly believe that homes are meant to be lived in. So whilst our homes cannot always look like a magazine edit, nor should we aim to reach that goal we've put together 4 simple ways to elevate your space, set the mood right and allow yourself to escape into the essence of home interiors for a well deserved moment of refuge.

1. Know WHEN to retreat. 

Creatively curating a beautiful space and then pottering about our homes can be a soulful source of self care. Furthermore, sitting back with a glass of wine and admiring life's little luxuries is incredibly nurturing for the mind.  BUT when we think of any other modern day luxury, we don't aim to have them all the time right? For example we're not frustrated that we don't go for a massage every day, or annoyed that our long lunches out with friends aren't daily either. Yet when it comes to our homes we're often frustrated that they cannot be in a perfect state all the time. With this in mind one of our first steps to creating a sanctuary at home is releasing the expectation that it will be this way all day long. Instead, drop your shoulders and pick your times. For us, we're both mothers of kids under 5 so our time is post kids bed time. Think about your day or week, pencil in some time for just sitting about un interrupted. Sounds a little loco in a world where productivity and action, action, action is glorified but trust us when we say, prioritising doing "not much" is a special kind of soothing we all need.

We also use the following 4 quick steps to help us get from a well lived in home, to our restful interior havens in no time. 


2. It's not called mood lighting for nothing. BUT there is an art to it.

Our eyes are taking in so much these days, especially with the significant rise in tech over the last few years. It's over stimulating. So, if you want to change your mood, then change THE mood. One of the simplest ways to switch up the energy of a room is through lighting. As soon as the sun goes down in our place the lamps go on and any bright downlights go off. Don't be shy here, use multiple lamps at varying heights, having just one lamp may not quite light the room enough for you to enjoy the space and in comes the temptation to flick back on the downlights resulting in an instant mood kill.The more the merrier here, a floor lamp, hanging pendant, table lamps on varying height consoles or plinths. Play around with this until you find your aesthetic and your room feels nurturing. The actual light bulb makes a difference.  We always lean toward warm, low lumen light bulbs for a cosy and non-invasive atmosphere. 
Good lighting does all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to create that home sanctuary in just a few flicks of a switch.
You can of course shop our lighting here if you could do with a few more lamps.

3. Set the tone. 

This ones a no brainer but often one that gets over looked at the end of the day. Music. Whilst it seems simple, and it is, it's also easy to get into a musical rut and our common every day play lists some times just don't cut it when we want to float into a new level of relaxation and really sink into the surroundings of our interiors. Think a little outside of the box here. Our home night rotations include spa sounds, foreign instrumentals, Lo-Fi beats or the ave.nue101 playlist which is a medium energy easy listening playlist from some of our favourite artists. If you'd like to try something new you can listen to that here.


4.Make it natural.

There is nothing more irreplaceable than the elements when crafting an ambient space. whilst of course an open fire every night would be ideal, for most of us the practicality of that just isn't realistic. Instead we gravitate toward candles. Small but impactful the power of simple candlelight is not to be underestimated. The organic flicker of candlelight bouncing around a low lit room can go a long way in the creation of your home sanctuary. Further more, if you are a scent lover indulging the senses with a scented candle or in our case the combo of an unscented candle and a grounding incense stick can really elevate the space.
You can find our candles and candle sticks here if your supply needs a top up.


There you have it, our 4 simple steps to elevating a space through mood and creating yourself a home sanctuary to retreat to in peace when you need a rest from the bustling of daily life.
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Warm regards,

Rikki and Tess ave.nue101